27 September | Experts held State aid courses for Latvian judges

This course forms part of the project Application of State aid law in national courts, which is subsidized by the European Commission and is carried out in several countries  by the Leiden Expert Group on State Aid (LEGSA) in cooperation with the Riga Graduate School of Law and the University of Salzburg.

The project serves to train Dutch, Latvian and Austrian judges in the application of European State aid law. The courses  - given by Alke Metselaar, Willemien den Ouden and Paul Adriaanse - have addressed the specific role played by national judges in the implementation of State aid law, as well as the possible legal problems that may arise in national legal proceedings. The participants have discussed best practices and have elaborated some first attempts to arrive at national law in different Member States which is better tailored to State aid law. The project has been completed in 2013 with an international conference in Leiden. For this conference, judges from different European countries have been invited to share their experiences with State aid law with, among others, representatives from the European Commission and other participants. The results of this project are to be published as a book in English.

Last Modified: 19-12-2013