EU Grant for LEGSA project obtained by Adriaanse and Den Ouden

Paul Adriaanse and Willemien den Ouden have obtained an EU Grant for the project Application of State aid law in national courts. This large project will be carried out by the Leiden Expert Group on State Aid (LEGSA), in cooperation with the University of Salzburg and Riga Graduate School of Law.

Course for judges

As part of this project State aid courses will be organised for national judges in the Netherlands, Austria and Latvia. These courses will deal with the specific role of national judges in effectuating European State aid law and the legal difficulties that judges may encounter when applying the State aid rules within their national legal orders. The project will be concluded with an international conference on the application of State aid law in national courts, to be held at Leiden University in 2013. Judges from various European countries will be invited to share best practices and discuss solutions for State aid problems in national procedures. The results of this project will eventually be disseminated throughout Europe in a book on the application of State aid law in national courts.


Paul Adriaanse and Willemien den Ouden are associate professor and full professor respectively at the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law at Leiden Law School. They are both experts on legal issues concerning the enforcement of EU law, in particular in the field of State aid and European subsidies. They have published extensively on these themes, and often give training courses on State aid issues to legal professionals. LEGSA was created in 2010 as an expert group on State aid within Leiden University. The staff involved are all connected to Leiden University. Many of them also work in legal practice as (deputy) judges, lawyers, or as legal advisers.

Last Modified: 06-10-2011