First LEGSA symposium

The Leiden Expert Group on State Aid (LEGSA) has organised a symposium on the usefulness and necessity of the bill on recovery of state aid. This sympoisum took place at the Faculty room of the Academy building on Wednesday January 19, 2011.

The bill on recovery of state aid provides for amendments to the Civil Code, the General Administrative Law Act, and the General Law on State Taxes for effective enforcement of European state aid law in the Netherlands. Academics and legal experts have discussed to what extent adaptation of Dutch law in these areas is necessary, and if so, whether the choices made in the bill are adequate and whether the proposed changes suffice, given the European requirements.

The discussion has been introduced by the following researchers involved with LEGSA: prof. mr. P.J. Slot (Europe Institute), ms mr. A.J. Metselaar (Constitutional and administrative law), prof. mr. T.R. Ottervanger (Europe Institute), prof. mr. drs. W. den Ouden (Constitutional and administrative law), prof. mr. F.A. Engelen (Tax law) and mr. dr. P.C. Adriaanse (Constitutional and administrative law). The symposium has been opened by prof. mr. C.J.J.M. Stolker (dean of the Law Faculty) and completed by mr. A.W.H. Meij, former Judge at the General Court of the European Union.

The results of the symposium were published in the form of a report in the Dutch Tijdschrift voor Staatssteun (Journal of State Aid: download). The symposium was supported by the Leiden University Fund.

LEGSA was established in 2010 as a specialist grouping within Leiden University in the field of State Aid. Recently LEGSA offered an advanced course on State Aid in cooperation with Leiden Legal PAO. For more information about the activities of LEGSA please contact the coordinator mr. dr. P.C. Adriaanse (see

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