In the field of State aid, the LEGSA experts conduct academic research from various perspectives. In addition to the European law dimension of State aid law, our research also explicitly concerns the effects of this field of law into national constitutional and administrative law, tax law, and civil law. Moreover, the State aid phenomenon will be discussed from a legal and economic perspective.

Because of a broad possible reading of the notion of State aid, the rules of State aid may apply in numerous situations. This raises questions, not in the least about the State aid law’s ground in common with other fields of law.

  • For instance, could business licensing conditions be laid down as part of support to beneficiary companies?

  • Could EU tender procedures exclude possible cases of State aid?

  • In what way do State aid regulations play a part when government funds, for instance distributed to regional support, (partly) originate from European funds?

  • To what extent should government take State aid law into consideration with regard to damage compensation?

  • And under which conditions could a fiscal measure be regarded as State aid?

  • In what way can State aid law play a role in administrative law matters about space planning?

These and other questions continue to induce further academic research.

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Last Modified: 01-11-2011