Cyber Warfare and International Law

On Thursday 30 May 2013 (19.00-21.00 hrs), the Kalshoven-Gieskes Forum on International Humanitarian Law and the International Law Association Prof. Mr. B.M. Telders will host a Panel Discussion on cyber warfare and international law. This panel discussion follows the recent completion of the Tallin Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare.

Prof. Dr. Terry Gill (University of Amsterdam and the Neth. Def. Ac) and Colonel Paul Ducheine Ph.D. (Neth. Def. Ac and the University of Amsterdam) will discuss to what extent the Tallinn Manual will give adequate solutions for the next generation of wars.

The panel discussion will be held at the Leiden Law School (KOG), Steenschuur 25 Leiden, Room A1.44 (Lorentzzaal).

If you would like to attend, please register at this email address.


Last Modified: 27-05-2013