Larissa van den Herik professor public international law

She studied law at the VU University Amsterdam and defended her PhD thesis there in 2005 on international criminal law and the Rwanda Tribunal. She has been based at the Leiden Law School as of 2005.

Larissa is editor in chief of the Leiden Journal of International Law and member of the Advisory Committee on Matters of Public International Law (an independent advisory organ that advises the government and parliament on questions of public international law). She is also the Programme Director Leiden of the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies (the Department of Public International Law of the Leiden Law School) and heads the adv. LL.M. programme on Public International Law.

Prominent past projects include: her VENI research on accountability of corporations and businessmen for illegal trade in arms and natural resources during armed conflict, a three-year project on counter terrorism and international law supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the EU Marie Curie project on international criminal law, and the cooperation with Brown University on targeted sanctions.


She has published in numerous international peer reviewed law journals, including Journal of International Criminal Justice, het Netherlands International Law Review, Criminal Law Forum, International Criminal Law Review, International Organizations Law Review, as well as in the Dutch journals Rechtsgeleerd Magazijn Themis and the NJCM Bulletin.

Current research

Her research agenda focuses on the rapport between international criminal law and human rights. Key research themes include the judicial dialogue between international criminal courts and human rights courts and bodies, as well as the question whether and how legal and judicial culture influences and shapes the interaction between international judicial bodies.

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