Leiden Law School wins European Law Moot Court Competition - Historic Victory at the European Court of Justice

In a historic moment, the team participating for Leiden Law School won the European Law Moot Court Competition at the Court of Justice of the European Union.

The team, which quite appropriately gave themselves the name ‘Lex Appeal’, consisted of Caroline Franquet, Liesbeth Fierens, Henry Nelen and Jared Martin, all students of Leiden’s Advanced LL.M. programme in European and International Business Law. Lex Appeal was coached by Dr Moritz Jesse and Clio Zois, both members of the University of Leiden’s Europa Institute. During the final, which took place last Friday in the grand chamber of the EU Court in Luxemburg before nine judges of the Court, the team managed to leave behind its competitors from Berlin (FU), Aix en Provence and Leuven (KU). It is the first time that a team from Leiden Law School has won the prestigious EU law moot court.

On Friday morning, Caroline scored high points as a defendant in her semi final against Berlin resulting in the qualification of the team for the final round. At the grand final of the competition onFriday afternoon Henri had to battle it out with his opponent from the Catholic University of Leuven. After a nail-biting final, which, according to the judges, took place at a very high level of knowledge of EU law as well as advocacy skills, Leiden was pronounced winner of the European Law Moot Court Competition 2012/2013.

The European Law Moot Court competition is the most prestigious moot court in the field of European Law. Every year, students from around a hundred (leading) law schools worldwide participate in solving a fictional case about EU law in a written and oral phase of the competition. Written and oral submissions in this moot court have to be presented in English and French. The competition in the academic year 2012/2013 concerned the question on how to best solve conflicts of EU and national law in the area of competition law (the case can be found here). Only the four best teams qualify to present their arguments during the all European Finals at the European Court of Justice in Luxemburg. This year’s All European Final in Luxemburg coincided with the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the competition, bringing together a huge group of alumni who participated in the competition over the last years.

Overall, given their historic victory, the coaches of the team, the LL.M. programme for European and International Business Law, as well as the Faculty of Law at Leiden University have every reason to be proud of Lex Appeal.

Last Modified: 16-04-2013