Hans-Martien ten Napel Associate Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law

As of 1 May 2013, Hans-Martien ten Napel has been appointed Associate Professor at Leiden University in the Netherlands, where he is also Research Fellow of the Leiden Law School. Since 2008, he has also  been a senior researcher at the School of Human Rights Research.

Before his transfer to the Law Faculty, he taught at the Department of Political Science, and was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA).

He teaches the popular Bachelor of Laws Elective Course on Dutch parliamentary democracy and a newly developed Master Elective Course on Comparative Constitutional Law and serves as a coach on the extracurricular Leiden Leadership Programme. In addition, he is currently co-supervising three Ph.D. research projects and also supervising three facultary research student internships at the Honours College Law.

He conducts his research within the framework of the sub-research programmes ‘Trias Europea: The significance of the constitutional framework of the Lisbon Treaty for the institutional balance of governmental powers in the Netherlands-EU relationship and among EU institutions’ and ‘The protection of fundamental rights in an integrating Europe’ . In addition, he is involved in the Leiden University Research Profile Area 'Political Legitimacy: Institutions and Identities'. In 2012 he co-directed a comparative study of the legislative processes in EU countries, commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice.

His work has recently appeared in Ars Aequi, European Constitutional Law Review, European Public Law, Muslim World Journal of Human Rights, Nederlands Juristenblad, Oxford Journal of Law and Religion and Tijdschrift voor Constitutioneel Recht. Last year he presented papers at Princeton Theological Seminary and Harvard Law School. During the next six months he will take part in conferences on ‘The Rule of Law with Chinese Characteristics in Transition’ at the Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law, City University of Hong Kong, and ‘Religion, Democracy, and Equality’ at the University of Virginia and William and Mary Law School (Williamsburg, VA).

Recently he was appointed  part-time Chair of the newly formed Faculty Board of Examiners. He will (continue to) combine this position with the chairmanship of the Sub-Board of Examiners for the Bachelor Programme, the vice-chairmanship of the Sub-Board of Examiners for the propedeutic phase, and his membership of the Sub- Board of Examiners for the Master’s Programmes Law and Children’s Rights.

Last Modified: 22-04-2013