Ingrid Leijten gives guest lecture at Boston College Law School

During a visit to the US on March 14, 2014 Ingrid Leijten gave a guest lecture at Boston College Law School in Boston, Massachusetts.

The lecture formed part of the seminar of Professor Katharine G. Young on ‘Global Poverty and Human Rights’. In her lecture, Ingrid Leijten discussed various European developments with regard to the protection of economic and social rights protection. Amongst other things, she discussed the socio-economic protection granted by the European Court of Human Rights under the European Convention on Human Rights. This provided the students with some insights in how, with the help of positive obligations and a broad interpretation of certain fundamental rights, effective economic and social rights protection can be guaranteed. Other topics were the protection of fundamental rights in times of crisis, as well as the decisions by the European Committee on Social Rights. 

Next to giving a guest lecture, Ingrid Leijten also worked in Boston for some days and had the chance to talk to Professor Young, who is an expert on the topic of Ingrids PhD-research. During her stay in the US, in Albany (NY), Ingrid Leijten also got admitted as an attorney-at-law to the New York State Bar.

Last Modified: 18-03-2014