Workshop Common quality standards for legislation in different legal traditions as an inspiration for legal reform organized and presided by Wim Voermans

On the 9 April 2013 the Commonwealth IAL, Association of Legislative Counsel (CALC), the Korea Legislation Research Institute, the government of Angola and Leiden and VU University Amsterdam organized a joint workshop presided by professor Wim Voermans.

The workshop on common quality standards for legislation in Cape Town South Africa preceded the CALC biannual conference ’30 Years wind of Change’ on 10-12 April and was set up to liaise CALC and IAL members who do share common interests.

The speakers were Patricia Popelier (Antwerp University), Helen Xanthaki (IALS London University, UK), Sjoerd Zijlstra (VU University Amsterdam) and Jae Kyong Chun (Director General of Research Administration Department, Korea Legislation Research Institute), reflected on Standards for Drafting in South Korea. The workshop was a success in that it brought drafters and academics from different ends of the world together in order to compare and share insights in standards of drafting and seeing where the standards coincide or where they differ (and for what reason).

An extensive account of the workshop is available here.

Last Modified: 01-05-2013