mr. T. de Jong

  • PhD-candidate


Tess de Jong studied Constitutional and Administrative Law at Leiden University and graduated in September 2010. During her study she was involved in several research projects, including the ‘Evaluation of the Dutch Constitution’ performed by the department of Public Law (Leiden University).

In February 2011 Tess started her PhD at Leiden University, department of Public Law, under supervision of Prof. mr. T. Barkhuysen and mr. dr. Y.E. Schuurmans. Her research topic concerns the ‘Hidden procedural safeguards in the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms’. Without procedural rights fundamental rights can not be realized nor be effected. The articles 6 and 13 of the Convention provide for these procedural rights in order to realize the substantive rights of the Convention. The European Court of Human Rights (the Court) does however also extract procedural safeguards from the more substantive rights of the Convention. For instance, the right to life, the right to private- and family life, and the right to property. In her dissertation Tess will investigate this phenomenon. The research is limited to the articles 2, 3 and 8 of the Convention and article 1 of the First Protocol (1P). Moreover she will also find an answer to the question which rules the Court does itself apply when it assesses an alleged breach of a substantive right. Finally she will investigate whether these hidden procedural safeguards as developed in the Court’s jurisprudence will be respected in Dutch administrative law.


Last Modified: 20-06-2016