Optional Course Aerospace Law (Bachelor)

In the first and second semester the Institute organizes an introductory course on Aerospace Law at BA level. The course deals with multilateral and bilateral aviation agreements, airline liability, EC air law and criminal air law as well as space law including the legal status of the moon, its natural resources, and the international space station. The course in Aerospace Law (air and space law) has a course load of 5 ECTS. Lecturer is  Professor Mendes de Leon.

A schedule indicating subjects and literature to be studied is given below. If additional lectures or excursions are held, prior notice will be given.

The course is open to all students with a basic knowledge of international law and, as the course is in English, a sufficient level of understanding of this language. Students with a non-law background will have to do some additional reading and a small interview with the lecturer in order to establish the required basic knowledge of law. They are requested to contact the student assistant on this matter.

More informatieon: Optional Course Aerospace Law (e-Prospectus)

Last Modified: 08-11-2010