Announcement of the Chinese edition of 'An Introduction to Air Law'

The Chinese edition of  'An Introduction to  Air  Law' of Prof. Dr. I.H.P.H. Diederiks-Verschoor as revised by Pablo Mendes de Leon has just been released.  

The book contains chapters on public air law, private air law, EU air law, aircraft financing and leasing, safety and security regulation, insurance and product liability. Certain chapters have been written by practitioners (Michael Butler, Berend Crans,  Nicholas Medniuk, Jeroen Mauritz, Darcy Beamer-Downie) in order  for the book  to be as topical as possible. The authors have tried to contextualise the various chapters in a broader framework.

We hope that this book forms a useful contribution to the existing publications on air law.

The publisher, Kluwer Law International, will provide translations into Chinese and possibly other languages.  

More information can be found in the attached document.


How to order:

Online: Kluwer Law International

Or contact Sales Departments at:+31 (0) 172 641562
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Last Modified: 17-12-2014