Collection Public Law

The Public Law collection contains the following fields of study: European law (including EDC), Immigration law, Health law, Public International law (including Depot UN), Air and Space law (see International Institute of Air and Space Law), Social law (including Social insurance), Constitutional law and Administrative law.


The main focus is on Dutch law, but also on the interaction between Dutch national law and international law, such as European law, the law of Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain and the USA. The collections EDC and Depot UN fall under European law and Public International law. The Institute of Air and Space Law has a specialized collection.

In addition to monographs, the Public Law collection contains printed journals, reference works, serial works, and loose-leafs. The current languages are Dutch and English, but also include German and French.

Several Dutch loose leafs and serial works as well as an increasing amount of journals are available electronically. (See the subject-based search options of the Catalogue, tab Find E-journals/subject, and for Dutch material the database Kluwer Navigator).

European law

In addition to publications on European institutional law, the collection contains important publications on European human rights (e.g. the ECHR). It also has publications about other European institutions, such as the Council of Europe and the Benelux.

Besides reference works, treaty texts, and case law, European institutional law includes publications on the European Integration, the European constitution, the internal market and the relation between European law and domestic law. European law in specific fields of study are arranged according to their subject. For example, publications on competition law are located in the section Commercial law.
The database EUR-Lex gives access to the full-text of the Official Journal of the European Union.   

European Documentation Centre (EDC)

The library has the status of a EDC. EDCs have been installed to promote education and research regarding European integration. The Law library has publications on various focus areas. Consult the list of focus areas. 

Immigration law

Immigration law is offered as an optional course and is not part of the core curriculum. Procurement therefore aims to establish a basic collection, predominantly comprised of Dutch and English language publications. The acquisition is restricted to the focus areas of  the Institute of Immigration Law of the Leiden University.

Health law

Health Law is offered as an optional course and is not part of the core curriculum. Procurement therefore aims to establish a basic collection, predominantly comprised of Dutch and English language publications.

Public International law

Public International law covers the complete domain of public international law and the law of international institutions.In addition to reference works, such as encyclopedias, bibliographies, international treaties and case law, the collection also comprises literature on important topics for example, the international law of the sea, international maritime law, international environmental law, international human rights, the law of war, supranational/international criminal law. The library subscribes to the most authoritative journals and yearbooks.

Depot UN

The Law library is also an offical United Nations Depository Library. The collection Depot UN consists of official UN documents, working documents and publications of the main organs and the many sub-organs , committees and commissions. The library has also several periodicals and yearbooks of the United Nations.

The Catalogue (tab Find Databases) gives also access to 3 key databases of the UN:

Air and Space law; International Institute of Air & Space law

The collection of the institute has been integrated into the Law library in 2002. Over the years the collection has expanded thanks to acquisitions and gifts. The Law library sees to the provision of a basic collection, whereas the Institute uses funds to acquire specialist publications. The collection therefore not only contains introductions, reference works, leading journals and yearbooks, but also more specialist studies needed for education and research. The collection has an international character and contains publications in e.g. English, French, German and several non-western languages.

Social law

The main focus is on Dutch labor law (employment contract law) and Dutch social insurance law. The collection includes also publications on the interaction between Dutch and international/European labor law and social security law.

Constitutional law

The main focus is on Dutch constitutional law, but also on Anglo-American, German and French constitutional law. General introductions are well represented in the collection.

Literature on the protection of fundamental rights, civil and human rights, judicial review is similarly well represented. Jurisprudence, theory of constitutional law, law and the state are being updated with predominately English language publications.

Administrative law

The main focus is on Dutch Administrative law and  the interaction between European (EU) law and Dutch national law. General introductions into Anglo-American, German,  French and US Administrative law are also represented in the collection.
Literature on the law of administrative procedure, legal protection, environmental law,  state aid and subsidy law is similarly well represented. 


Last Modified: 12-07-2016