Listed below is a selection of theses written on the subject of migration Law. A bigger selection, which also includes those written in Dutch, can be found on our Dutch website.

C. Otten (2014), ‘The identifying interview with children in Dutch reunification cases.’

K. Nouhassi (2013), The Europeanization of Spanish migration policy: The consequences of migration policy developments and Western Mediterranean border control for Spain.

S.C. Chen (2010), ‘The Special Rules for Religious Leaders in Dutch Immigration Law: Are they discriminatory under EU law and ECHR?

Prof. Rodrigues is the coordinator of the theses in the field of Migration Law. Students who are interested can submit their own proposal or deliberate about a subject with Prof. Rodrigues. In case of the latter it is recommended to consider which topics in the field of migration hold your interest before setting up an appointment.

For current issues one can turn to magazines such as Asiel- en Migrantenrecht, Jurisprudentie Vreemdelingenrecht (written in Dutch), the European Journal of Migration Law and International Journal of Refugee Law (written in English) as well as various books and court decisions.

Prof. Rodrigues can be reached at

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