Cooperation with District Court The Hague

In February the sixty students of the course ‘Immigration Law’ have visited the District Court in The Hague. In three groups they attended hearings of the immigration chamber of the court.

The cases discussed during the hearings were diverse; both asylum and immigration issues were discussed. After the hearings the different judges reserved time to answer questions by our students. The questions asked concerned both the cases which were discussed as well as the personal experiences of the judges.

Based on the court visit the students prepared a report. In their reports the students discuss their experiences in the court and the legal background of one of the attended hearings. From the reports that have been handed in it is apparent that the students were surprised about the informal setting of a hearing in the immigration chamber of the court. Also the specific role of the judge in Dutch immigration law was a topic that was frequently mentioned by the students.

Besides the visit to the court, senior-judge Marion Soffers of the District Court The Hague gave a guest lecture to our students on 19 February. In her lecture, judge Soffers let the students decide on cases which occurred at the district court recently.

The Institute of Immigration Law is very satisfied with the cooperation with the District Court the Hague and looks forward to continue our cooperation in the future.

Last Modified: 05-03-2015