Contact details

Postal- and visiting address of the Institute for Immigration Law and additional contact information.

Institute of Immigration Law

Visiting adress
Steenschuur 25, Room B0.05
2311 ES Leiden

Postal adress
Postbus 9520
2300 RA Leiden

Contact information

Tel: 071-5277713
Fax: 071-527 7384


Phone numbers of individual staff members of the Institute can be found on our homepage under the heading “Staff”.

Travel and Route Information

The Institute is situated at the monumental Kamerlingh Onnes Building (KOG) of the Leiden Law School. Some of our post-academic courses are offered at the 'Sterrewacht'. Itineraries for both building are to be found at the right side of this page under 'Direct links'.

Last Modified: 18-05-2015