The Institute

The Leiden Institute of Immigration Law conducts, stimulates and facilitates research in the field of immigration- and asylum law. The Institute aims at disseminating better knowledge and understanding of rights and duties of both States and migrants in a world where mobility of persons is rapidly expanding.

The Leiden Institute of Immigration Law investigates the tensions and conceivable conflicts between fundamental rights of migrating individuals and legitimate interests of States in their endeavors to control migration. The Institute organises courses, conferences and seminars. It also provides advisory services to public authorities and private persons.

The Institute of Immigration Law forms an integral part of the Institute for Public Law of the Leiden Law School, University of Leiden. It was founded in 1996 by Hanneke Steenbergen, Pieter Boeles, Mireille Vrouenraets en Aleidus Woltjer. In its years of existence, the Institute has gained a reputation as one of the leading centers of immigration law in the Netherlands. In May 2000, it was awarded with the Helffer-Kootkar Prize, which was shared with the International P.E.N. Foundation. According to the prize awarding authorities, the Institute of Immigration Law had "rapidly acquired a prominent position in the field of scientific research concerning the observance of fundamental human rights, in particular the right to free establishment and asylum rights".

Last Modified: 26-04-2010