29 March|Panel discussion on Palestinian Statehood: recent developments

The Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies and the Kalshoven-Gieskes Forum in International Humanitarian Law are organizing a Panel discussion on Palestinian Statehood.

The Panel discussion will bring together professor Dugard, Michael Kearney (London School of Economics), Valentina Azarov (chair of Human Rights Program and lecturer in international law and human rights, Bard Al-Quds College, Al-Quds University) and Dov Jacobs. The Panel discussion will be chaired by Yannick Radi.

Access is free and open to all, Language English.  

Date en time: 29 March, 18.00 hrs
Venue: Kantoren Stichthage, The Hague Central Station (Room Lange Voorhout, 13th Floor)
Contact: D.L. Jacobs or Y.A.A.S. Radi.


Last Modified: 27-03-2012