Research on social security reform

Outline research programme

The GAK Foundation has awarded a 2.6 million euro subsidy to the economists Goudswaard and Caminada, and labor law specialist Heerma van Voss from Leiden's Law Faculty, for the research project "Reforming Social Security". The program is embedded in Leiden Law School research program "Reform of Social Legislation".

Leiden LIS Budget Incidence Fiscal Redistribution Dataset

Leiden Budget Incidence Fiscal Redistribution Database (2011), assembled by Chen Wang and Koen Caminada (Version 1, August 2011), presents the disentanglement of income inequality and the redistributive effect of social transfers and taxes in 36 LIS countries for the period 1970-2006 (Waves I – Wave VI of LIS ). This database refines, updates, and extends the Fiscal Redistribution Data Set of LIS.

Unemployment Replacement Rates Dataset

The unemployment replacement rate data set, assembled by Olaf Van Vliet & Koen Caminada (version 1, January 2012), provides data on unemployment benefit schemes in 34 welfare states from the 1970s until 2009. The current data set includes all 27 member states of the European Union and 7 non-EU OECD countries.


Workshops are being held regularly as part of the research programme.