Egbert Jongen

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Associate Professor

Address: Steenschuur 25, 2311 ES Leiden, room B 2.08
Phone: ++31 71 527 6356 

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Egbert Jongen is a senior researcher at CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis and part-time associate professor at Leiden University. He obtained his MA from Maastricht University (cum laude) and his PhD from the Free University Amsterdam. His main research interests are the tax-benefit system and labour market policies. He recently headed the MICSIM project, the construction of a behavioural microsimulation model for the analysis of changes in the tax-benefit system in the Netherlands. See for details and publications.



L.J.H. Bettendorf , E.L.W. Jongen and P. Muller (2015), 'Childcare subsidies and labour supply — Evidence from a large Dutch reform', Labour Economics  36, October 2015, pp 112-123.

H.W. de Boer, E.L.W. Jongen and J. Kabátek (2015), 'The effectiveness of fiscal stimuli for working parents', Discussion Paper Series, IZA DP No 9298, August 2015.

Y.E. Akgündüz, E.L.W. Jongen, P.P.M. Leseman and J. Plantenga (2015), 'Quasi-experimental evidence on the relation between child care subsidies and child care quality', CPB Discussion Paper 310, June 2015.

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